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We will keep our website updated with FAQs. Please bookmark this link for easy reference.

Last Updated: 11/18/23

Itinerary: Wednesday November 29th - Saturday December 2nd


Recommended Arrival.

Feel free to explore all the city has to offer!

Thursday: 12:00pm

We're excited to welcome you to the beautiful Doce-18 Concept House, located in the heart of San Miguel for a Mexican inspired Brunch.

Doce-18 Address: Calle Relox 18, Colonia Centro, 37700, San Miguel de Allende, GTO

Thursday: 5:30pm

Option to join us at our hotel, Amatte, in the evening for some refreshing cocktails and a breathtaking sunset.

Amatte Address: Salida Real a Querétaro #168, Col. Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Friday 5:00pm


Complimentary transportation will be available from Amatte, San Miguel de Allende - to Casa Inn.


Amatte Address: Salida Real a Querétaro #168, Col. Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Saturday: 3:30pm 

pickup, Ceremony 4:00pm

Transportation will be provided from Casa Inn to our remote venue and back. 

Casa Inn Address: Paseo de Miranda 2 Monte Miranda, El Marques, 76240 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico

Where do I exchange dollars to pesos?

We typically use our card to pay everywhere, you get the best exchange rate this way. If we want to have cash on hand we pull out from any bank nearby. *We recommend checking with your credit card/bank regarding any potential international charges.

What will the weather be like? 

We are expecting high 70s during the day low 50s in the evening.

What do I wear to San Miguel? 

Comfortable shoes are highly recommended due to the charming cobblestone streets. Think of it as a European summer with plenty of walking and some stairs.

What do I wear to the Welcome Party? 

Anything you’d like! For the ladies, a sun dress with sneakers or low heels / wedges. This will completely depend on your comfort and if you plan to walk around town after brunch.  

What do I wear to the wedding?

Our dress code is black tie. Please also adhere to our color palate found here.

Is it safe to arrive at the airport / hotel late?

Absolutely! We’ve arrived at all hours and it has always been safe and hassle-free.

Transportation options from the airport:  

  • Private car (advance booking required and costlier)

  • Taxi (may involve waiting in line)

  • Uber (more budget-friendly, but longer wait).

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