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Where to Stay

Where to Stay in San Miguel 

Recommended two nights 11/29-12/1 
(Where we will be staying)

Use Code for 20% Off: BOJAJE
Other Favorites:
The heart of San Miguel is in the town center with the famous church and surrounded by an abundance of restaurants and hotels. 

Please feel free to explore other hotel options, you may use the interactive map below to click on hotels and locate proximity. Amatte (our hotel) is five minutes away from the town center & from where other recommended hotels are listed. Our welcome party will be in the town center, with more details to follow.

Code for 10% Off: JAZANDJES 2023
(leave a space before the year)

Where to stay in queretaro 

Choosing our dream venue meant it was further from town. We chose the closest hotel that would accommodate all of our guest. We will be providing transportation to and from our Wedding Venue. To ensure everyone's convenience, we kindly request all guests to stay at this location.
$60 a night
No Code Needed

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